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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

What have you done?

I am sad that our Rosary novena wasn't powerful enough to prevent Obama -Bi(n La)den from getting elected and it breaks my heart to think of the countless unborn souls whose mothers will legally murder them once Obama signs more abortion laws into being. For those souls, Obama is a terrorist. He is known to support killing babies who survive partial birth abortion. To condone a sin and encourage it makes you guilty of that sin too.Here is my take on why they refuse to admit that a person is human until after it's born: if they do, then they have legalised murder through legalising abortion, and if they do that, then killing of any person will be legal. Of course, the euthanasia laws they are trying to ram through are doing just that. It is the beginning of the fall of the US Empire. The devil is grinning. He is dancing with glee.


Marilena said...

as i said on my blog, satan has a firm grip on the usa. yes, its sad indeed. very. pray for this mans conversion. remember, the greater the sinner, the more right he has to God's mercy. perhaps he will change before he dies. we don't know that. God does.
as for that bill in washington state legalizing terminally ill sane people's "right to die" that bill passed and is now law. very sad. very!

Therese said...

I think all that has to happen is the dignity of a group is lessened. Last year a doctor died here because she refused to have an abortion and treat her cancer. Just like Gianna Berretta Molla. She died a couple of days after her baby was born. One commenter wrote in the paper that She was selfish. He said her husband had lost a wife and if she had aborted the baby she would have lived and they could have had another baby. I realized when I read that the the true dignity of a baby has been lost. People see them as something rather than someone.

All the liberals need to do to make euthanasia law is lessen the dignity of the elderly and disabled.

paramedicgirl said...

Obama was quoted as saying that babies who are aborted, but born alive are only "temporarily alive." I think if you Google that phrase with Obama you will come up with the circumstances.

Obama is evil. He will do to America what Trudeau did to Canada.