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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A very powerful video

Mark from Dominican Idaho left me this link on a comment, please watch this video and show it to everyone you know who is thinking of voting for Barack Obama and everyone you know who is pro-abortion.


Tom in Vegas said...

Can't watch the video. As soon as I saw the "Warning, graphic images" cautionary heads-up, I had to stop. It's simply too infuriating.

The Vampire Barack will someday have to face his maker just like the rest of us.

Shirley said...

Unfortunately, because of him and people like him, there are souls who are denied life.

paramedicgirl said...

Shirley, I have seen lots of disturbing things in my career, from trauma to decomposed corpses, but I couldn't watch that whole video. It is very difficult to see so many images of tiny babies who have been decapitated and literally ripped limb from limb. It's too bad that women who want to abort aren't forced to watch a video of an actual abortion prior to making their final "choice."

Shirley said...

I watched the whole video, and it was heartbreaking. I was in tears.How can women be so selfish!There is always the option of adoption if you are so self-absorbed that you do not want an innocent little child in your life.