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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Important enough to break Sunday Silence

I received this email today from Life Site News. I must say that I am really annoyed with the underhanded way the government handled this.

Dear signer of the petition to revoke the Order of Canada award to Henry Morgentaler,
October 10, 2008 ( -
Some time ago you signed the petition and Campaign Life Coalition, the petition sponsor, promised that would keep you up-to-date on the issue and related matters. Unfortunately, due to unexpected technical delays, we have been unable to do so until now. In case you are not already aware, the petition was presented to both the Governor General's office and the Prime Minister's office on August 20 by Angelina Steenstra of Silent No More Awareness. The event was reported by Canada's national media. There were many more important developments that you can read about in the list of over 70 related reports at efforts and that of thousands of other Canadians caused the award and the abortion issue to be raised in public discussion to a degree that has not been seen for many years. Congratulations! It continued as a national news story for many weeks.Unfortunately, despite the clear disapproval of a majority of Canadians, Henry Morgentaler was presented with the Order of Canada medal in a ceremony yesterday in Quebec City. A large Campaign Life Coalition commissioned poll revealed that a majority of Canadians in all provinces except Quebec disapproved of the nomination. Nevertheless, the Governor General and the Order of Canada Advisory Committee decided to totally ignore the wishes of Canadians. By arranging to present the Order to the abortionist in Quebec City, rather than Ottawa as is usually done, and by announcing the ceremony at the last minute, they denied concerned Canadians the opportunity to organize an effective protest. In this they displayed contempt for the public and a ruthless determination to impose their militantly pro-abortion ideology on Canada.Now we are in the final stages of a Canadian federal election that will determine who will influence public policy on this and related issues. Will any of the politicians have the integrity and courage to correct the outrageous lack of accountability and abuse of the Order of Canada process? Campaign Life Coalition has published an extensive Federal Election page with a great deal of information on the parties', the leaders' and the candidates' stands on the abortion issue. This has involved a massive amount of work. It is a fabulous non-partisan information resource to help Canadians cast an informed vote on Tuesday. We strongly urge you to check out the election page at all the above in mind, Campaign Life Coalition wanted us to let you know that its national campaign against the Morgentaler award was a costly one. The poll alone cost $30,000 and there were numerous other necessary expenses. CLC is appealing for donations to cover those costs. PLEASE CONSIDER SENDING A GENEROUS DONATION TO CLC so it can continue to help Canadians be fully informed and to respond effectively to vital developments. You can donate to CLC on line or by mail by following the instructions at


Tom in Vegas said...

How sad. It just goes to show you that neither one of our countries has a political system that makes any sense. They are all falling over each other to kiss the hiney of some very malign figures, who take away human life rather then to help preserve it.

Marilena said...

yes, i saw that disgusting little man receive his "award" on global news yesterday, and to say i was blown away is to say the least. they just awarded a murderer the highest award in canada for murdering thousands of unborn canadians. sick sick sick.