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Friday, September 26, 2008

More sacred music

A while ago,Tom in Vegas got me listening to sacred music with his playlist on his blog, and it's a world I thoroughly enjoy. One of the greats is Tomas Luis de Victoria.


john said...

Hey, so i just made a piczo site and it looks so awesome but it seemed that something was missing. Than I realized I should add some music so my friend recommended a really cool It's so quick and easy, anyone could do it! In a matter of minuets I had made a account and uploaded the music onto my music player, not only that but You can also edit your music player to match your site colours! And if you don't want to upload your own music, you can search on other user’s playlists and take any songs you want! It works for piczo, myspace; facebook, bebo etc. check it out!

Tom in Vegas said...

You picked a good one, Shirley, in both composer and piece. BTW, did you know Victoria was a priest?

If you can, try and track down his Requiem Mass - it's absolutely beautiful. Just be careful which ensemble you choose. Some out there sound pretty notorious and butcher the requiem completely.

Shirley said...

Tom, I didn't know he was a priest!
Can you recommend which version of his requiem Mass is the best?

Tom in Vegas said...


The version I have is performed by Paul McCreesh, Gabrieli Consort & Players. I haven't heard any other choir that can match the richness of this ensemble. Unfortunately, the CD seems to have gone out of circulation in both Amazon.canada and Maybe Barnes n Noble might have it in stock.

However, if you go here you can listen to the tracks and purchase the album in MP3 format if you wish. I believe that all the music Amazon sells in MP3 comes free of Digital Rights Management (DRM) which means you can copy it without restrictions (unlike iTunes).

Shirley said...

John, thanks for the information. Tom, I don't have an MP3- I know, that puts me in the dark ages,perhaps I should look into it.

Marilena said...

perhaps your brother in law frank, who is extremely knowledgeable about all mp3's can help you? :) i think he would be glad too:)