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Monday, September 1, 2008


Yesterday, I went to a Mass that left me reeling. It was obviously geared towards youth, as the "choir" was all teenagers and young adults, complete with guitar, bongos, and piano. (The guitar drowned out the voices and was out of time). The homily, given by a deacon, included such tricks as presenting an unpopped bag of popcorn to symbolize a person who wants to be filled with God's love and grace, and, surprise surprise, a popped bag to show us how we are when filled with grace! And since there was a reading from the prophet Jeremiah he couldn't resist picking up a guitar and singing the chorus to "Jeremiah was a bullfrog"-Joy to the fishes, etc. Of course, the "audience" was encouraged to sing along and clap! At the end of the Mass, the "audience" applauded the choir. The reason I call the congregation an audience, is because it was as if everyone was there to be entertained, not to concentrate on the Holy Sacrifice, unfolding on the altar. There is something wrong with the reasoning that says we have to have this type of service to keep our youth coming to Mass. They can't possibly understand the Mass if they think of it as entertainment. If this is the future of the church, then the church is in deep trouble. Our young people can't be getting the Catholic education they need; quite possibly those who are teaching them do not understand the teachings of the Catholic Church. I'd love to see a revolution towards tradition amongst our youth! Because this type of modernism is bound to lead them away from God and into -what's the word for it? humanism? The focus on this Mass definitely was not God. So how are young people to learn the true meaning of theMass?


Marilena said...

i would have run for the door believe me, i could never stomach that. never.

paramedicgirl said...

Where did you go to Mass? I hope that wasn't your regular Church. These kids are being indoctrinated with the "Jesus loves you, Jesus loves you" philosophy. It's a pretty shallow doctrine, but the liberal Catholics suck it up like there's no tomorrow.

Everybody's happy, everybody's clappy.

paramedicgirl said...

shirley, next time you are at a Mass like that, video tape it,make copies, and send it to your bishop. If you get no response, then send it to Rome. I have all the addresses on my blog.