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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Night inspiration

A few nights ago, I had something odd happen. Normally, I usually awaken numerous times during the night, say a prayer and fall back asleep. On this particular night, when I would wake up, I thought of a letter in the alphabet, and then an aspect of God that was connected with it, and a short meditation on it, and then I would fall asleep again. The next time I woke up, it would be the very next letter, and the same thing again. Fortunately for my state of rest, this only went on for about five times before I managed to sleep the rest of the night. An example of this is: J- Justice; God comes to us as the Just Judge at our death; O Lord, come not as the King of Justice but as the Lord of Mercy! Have mercy on me, a sinner!
K-Knowledge; O Lord, give me knowledge of my sins that I may confess them and avoid occasions that lead me into sin!
The next day, I was reading a little booklet by St. Alphonsus Ligouri; How to Converse Continually and Familiarly with God (available at Tan) and read this:
God will be beside you when you sleep, always keeping watch over you: "When I go into my house I shall repose myself with her: for her conversation hath no bitterness, nor her company any tediousness." (Wis.8:16) He does not go away from your bedside when you rest. Rather, He continues to think of you always, so that if you awake during the night, He may speak to you by His inspirations and receive in turn from you an act of love or of oblation or of thanksgiving; and in this way, even during the night, He keeps up His loving conversation with you. Sometimes He even speaks to you in your sleep, and makes His voice sound in your ears, that you may put His wishes into execution when you awake. " I will speak to him in a dream." (Num. 12:6)
It's wonderful how many ways God can work in our lives, if we are willing to hear His voice and desire to do His will.

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