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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Ste. Anne Mission- photo essay

Every July, there is a pilgrimage at Lac. Ste. Anne Mission, west of Edmonton. For a couple of years, this was my parish, and I attended the pilgrimage when I lived there. I intended to go this year, but I got the dates wrong and missed it by two days. So I will share with you these photos of the site

The little church where I attended Mass.

A close-up of the statue of Ste. Anne and the child Mary above the entrance to the church.The shrine on the shores of Lac. Ste. Anne, which seats over 4,000 people and is filled at all three Masses daily during the pilgrimage.
The beautiful altar inside the shrine. Unfortunately, it isn't used in the traditional way as they use the "table" instead.
This building houses the confessionals.
The Sacred Heart statue, with candles still burning two days after the end of the pilgrimage.
St. Joseph and the Child Jesus, in the centre of the seating area of the shrine.
I love this life-size Crucifix with Mary and John at the foot of the Cross.
And last but not least, the prayer bench and monument to Ste. Anne.


Tom in Vegas said...

Very nice Church! I love the Shrine pic. It must be a beautiful vista to see it so close to the water:0)

Shirley said...

During the pilgrimage they have a ceremony for blessing the lake. The wall in the shrine has many crutches and walking sticks people have left behind after going in the blessed lake.

Marilena said...

almost looks like the little church on my blog:)

paramedicgirl said...

It's too bad you missed the pilgrimmage. Nice pics!