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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Quirk meme

I have been tagged by Therese at Aussie Coffee Shop for the Unspectacular Quirk meme for 6 quirks and an extra fact about me so here you are:

1; I enjoy road trips with my husband because I value time spent with him.
2; I really really dislike vacuuming!
3; My favourite way to spend a day is alone on horseback.
4; I'm always stubbing my toes.
5; I get as much joy out of nature as most women get from shopping.
6; I don't really like talking about myself.
And an extra fact about myself; I'm left-handed.

Instead of passing this meme along, I invite you to partake in it if you wish.


Angie said...

I'm a lefty also! angie

Marilena said...

ok, here are some quirks i have:

i'll leave this one out, but will say it anyways and not add it as a quirk: iam also left handed and so is mom:)

now, for the quirky side of my nature:

i read a great deal! i have over 50 books ( frank has over 300 books) i can read and absorb over 2 books at a time!

i like solitude, and quiet moments spent doing things at home with frank, or shopping with him:)

i love birds, i spend a great deal of time watching them:) i especially love black capped chickadees:) they like to sit on our balcony and sing. truly brightens my day:) i even keep a bird journal:) its getting filled! :)

i love fish! i have 3 cute little skirted tetras in my tank:) they are a joy to watch:)

i love to talk to my family, and can talk for hours to them:)

i love blue, deep red, burgundy, and pastel colors:)

i also like moonlight. it is very relaxing. oh and one last thing, i LOVE animals!!! dogs, cats, birds, horses, (clydes dale is my favorite horse!) turtles, squirrels, chipmunks, tigers, lions, giraffes, you name it! the only animal that truly freaks me out are great white sharks, crocodiles, bears! anything with truly nasty choppers on em. doesn't mean i don't respect them, i do. i just wouldn't contemplate going within thousand feet of them. :)

since this is a limited meme, that is it for now!