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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Our Church- After

Well, after 4 days of our little crew working hard, here is the finished product. We've gone from bland to bold.

The pews will have to remain pale grey, way too much work to sand and paint them! We had to leave the side walls white next to the pews or they would have looked very out of place. There is depth, dimension and warmth now.

This little statue is St. John Bosco; our Church is named for him. Hope he approves of the change!


paramedicgirl said...

Wow! That looks great! I love the burgundy colour. It must have been a lot of work; offered of course as some type of penance...

BTW, typo in the title OUY!

Shirley said...

Thanks! Actually, the colour is rust (Debbie Travis, Picante)and the yellow is called desert sand, both CIL paint. And yes, I did offer it up.

Tom in Vegas said...

This is a Church built on love of God. Its simplicity is similar to the same simplicity that accompanies the greatest of prayers.

GREAT job!!