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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

O Canada, Whatever Happened To You?

There are so many ugly things going on in Canada right now. Today is Canada Day and I am very unhappy with our government- check out this post, and this one, both at Salve Regina. There is rampant evil in our country. I am ashamed.This is not the country that I know and love. This is not what I voted for. This is a shipwreck, and unless our politicians get some sense knocked into them, we're all going down.
Thank God for the Catholic faith. Thank God for a Pope who is bringing, slowly, our Church back on track. Thank God for the hope that faith inspires in me. Jesus, I kneel at the foot of your Cross and beg for your Mercy on our country.


Marilena said...

i've said this for years, and will say it again, canada is a morally bankrupt country. its been that way for a long time. you can likely call it without guilt, the modern day sodom and gomorrah. pretty sad state for a country indeed. sad. the way of traditional living no longer exists in this country. immorality reigns supreme. and its perfectly legal too. which sickens me.
i will hold fast to the end and put my trust in Jesus. He will return one day and He will clean it up. not just this shameful country, but the whole world. that is a day of great rejoicing for true Christians.

Shirley said...

Marilena, you said "the way of traditional living no longer exists in this country"
I don't agree with this.There are millions of us who live with proper morals and values. Unfortunately, we are not the "squeeky wheel that gets the grease". The vocal minority,eg. the gay rights movement and the pro-choice people are the ones who have wrought this evil on our beautiful country.They have pushed their agendas and found cracks in our laws and constitution and forced their will on the rest of us. It is up to us as individuals to live according to God's laws and to speak up against that which contravenes His law.

paramedicgirl said...

Beautiful picture to represent your prayer. I am praying the Litany to the Precious Blood for the whole month of July in reparation for the evils done in our country.

Canada is on the fast track to hell.

Marilena said...

i guess i should clarify my point about traditional living. i should have said, there are fewer and fewer of us in this country and by that i mean, it seems unacceptable to canadian society these days if you live old fashioned. when we uphold traditional values, most of us are scorned and called "outdated". but hey, if someone wants to call me outdated let them. no skin off my back. iam not changing to suit modernistic society.

Tom in Vegas said...

This is sad. Here in the U.S., our government officials are guilty of the same barbarism.

But you know what is tragic beyond comprehension? When CHURCH officials award similar accolades to those same baby-killers. I'm trying to remember the specifics, but I do recall a situation in which Catholic clergy (I don't know if he was a bishop of a diocese or the president of a college) gave an award to an abortionist. Why don’t we excommunicate clergy guilty of this type of crap?

Marie said...

It is a bloodless persecution..Though faithful Christians are not being slaughtered our rights are.

And to those who think themselves 'liberal' tell them you are a devout Catholic and what you stand for and see how they accept your views? Their 'liberal' views will quickly disappear as they ROAR at you.

Our Holy Father continues to warn us against relativism let us pray for him and for Canada:).

Peace to you:)