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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

New Music Feature

I have added a new feature on my sidebar: Embedded music (sorry about the ads, but the music is worth it.) If you wish to hear it just click the play button or click on whatever track you would like to hear. This album is by Zephyrus; here is a short bio of them:

The music of Renaissance Europe comes to life in the voices of Zephyrus, the early music ensemble based in Charlottesville. Known throughout the region for its innovative programming and professional caliber, Zephyrus offers several major performances each year and appears locally in churches and at the University of Virginia.
Since its founding in 1991 by director Paul Walker, Zephyrus has devoted itself to bringing the treasures of of Medieval, Renaissance, and early Baroque music to a wider audience. The ensemble's repertoire spans six centuries, from the polyphonic chants of Notre Dame Cathedral to the sacred motets of Tudor England, the madrigals of Renaissance Italy, and the masterworks of the early Baroque. The eighteen-member core group regularly divides into double chorus, quintets, and other smaller ensembles, offering a range of musical textures at every concert. Zephyrus strives for historical accuracy in performance and has enlisted the efforts of early music instrumentalists. The group has collaborated with Baroque flutist Robert Turner of Charlottesville, Medieval fiddle player Nancy Bren Nuzzo of Buffalo, NY, and theorist Scott Horton of Baltimore.


Marilena said...

you have nice music, nice artwork, and just a lovely blog all around! are you going to make a painting of one of the saints? :) or a church scene? wow, that would be fabulous!

Tom in Vegas said...

Oh man, this is BEAUTIFUL stuff!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE music from the Renaissance, especially Palestrina, Allegri, and Victoria's works. These were masters of sacred music and had the capacity to infuse mysticism (mystery of God) into their work.

If you are interested in a CD that contains sacred works from these artists and others from the Renaissance, look up Sante Deus by the Choir of New College, Oxford. It's one of my favorites!