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Thursday, June 12, 2008

From A Drop of Water to an Ocean

One often hears the phrase, "the richness of our Catholic Faith". This richness is something that is unfolding for me, layer after layer, as I grow in the understanding and love of my faith. It's rather like a kachina doll, when you open it up, there is another one inside of it. I started by going to Mass, then I was praying the rosary every day; more daily prayers followed, then I started to understand the effect of sin in my life, from which flowed a love of the Sacrament of Reconcilliaton (what a great grace that is!). This resulted in changes in my lifestyle, my way of speaking and dealing with others (a work in progress!) It also lead to a love of spiritual reading, which increased my appreciation of the great treasury of the Communion of Saints, and devotion to Mary. This led to a desire to imitate the virtues and holiness of those beloved of God, to develop a desire for humility and charity (another work in progress!). And like the kachina dolls, who are all painted the same way, the common underlying thread of this journey is love of God, from which flows all grace, and holds everything together; a thread which is growing stronger and has become not just a thread, but a lifeline.
One little drop of water (attending one Mass) has become an unstoppable ocean of love for God and a desire to do His will so that I may, one day, love Him for eternity.


Tom in Vegas said...


It will continue to unfold for the rest of your life. As you progress, your faith may feel differently during different periods of your life.

That's the way of the Catholic mystic: submerge yourself in the infinite Mystery and the writings of the greatest mystics of our tradition will make sense to you.

paramedicgirl said...

Beautiful! I once heard someone say that learning Catholcism is like learning to speak a whole new language. It transforms you.

Shirley said...

It definitely has transformed my life.I wouldn't go back to the person I was for anything. Remembering the good times we had doesn't compare to the good times to come!